A Season of Change

A Season of Change

Project Steps

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  1. Supplies & Tools:
    *The Mariposa Box of Cards (Green Flourish), (Large Birdcage)
    *String (Gold)
    *Transparency computer print-out (A Season of Change), (Congratulations)
    *Craft knife

    1.Start with the (Large Birdcage) card.
    2.Trim off ¼" edges of front of card.
    3.Using the craft knife, cut the edges of the wings of the large butterfly (Large Birdcage). Fold upward to create depth.
    4.Cut the (Green Flourish) card in half. Using the card half with the fleur de lis pattern, slide behind the trimmed (Large Birdcage) cover. Adhere.
    5.Using craft knife, cut the green flourish from the remaining (Green Flourish).
    6.Adhere green flourish to the front of card.
    7.Adhere (A Season of Change) and (Congratulations) to the front of card.
    8.Wrap and tie gold string to the top of card.

Products Used In This Layout
Mariposa Box Of Cards
Mariposa Box Of Cards